Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two interviews in Spain/ Dos entrevistas en España

While I was in Spain, my friends from LID Conferenciantes organized a couple of press meetings for me. One of them was with Helena Guerrero from "El Confidencial". It was a nice interview, indeed. You can watch it here. (Sorry, it is in Spanish)

Another inteview was with Juanma Roca from "La Gaceta". This journalist had very well structured questions and I could not make him depart from what he had prepared. He started asking questions as "what does fear mean to a guy like me". I couldn´t answer that. I have to think about it, I am not prepared for questions like that.

Anyway, on the overall it is a very good interview and it is here. (Also in Spanish)

Dos entrevistas en España

Mientras estaba en España, mis amigos de Lid Conferenciantes me organizaron algunas entrevistas. Una de ellas fue con Helena Guerrero de "El Confidencial". Fue una muy linda entrevista realmente y la pueden ver aquí.

También me entrevistó Juanma Roca de "La Gaceta". Esta persona venía con sus preguntas muy preparadas y no lo pude desviar de su temario. Me hizo preguntas como "qué significa el miedo para una persona como yo"? Y yo eso no se lo pude contestar. Tengo que pensarlo un poco, no estoy preparado para esa pregunta.

De todas maneras, al final, salió una muy buena entrevista que puedes leer aquí.

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ferysab said...

"Y sus recuerdos ayudan a muchos a continuar"...
I like how the interviewer ended the article for that is totally TRUE. Yes, I speak for my self but I know your story has helped others, such as the Lady from the Mountain and, as I said, myself.
Thank you Pedro for sharing all this with us.