Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dallas, December 2nd

Victor Arias and Johnny Williams were one of my closest friends at Stanford. We spent a good time there and also when we met at our GSB 25th alumni meeting. But I never imagined they were going to be so important for me when they encouraged me to start talking about my old ordeal. So, that is why I went to Dallas, to visit them. I spent a weekend with their families and gave a lecture at their Church. Again, I was very impressed by the religiosity and piousness of their lives. Both have lovely families, with nice wives and beautiful children. Johnny and Cecy, have 9 children!

The day I arrived they took me to an Alejandro Sanz´s concert. I felt very much at home. We really enjoyed it very much. The next day, I gave a lecture at their Church Group. Again, lots of families, a great audience that listened to my story with awe and impression.

Victor and Johnny were very helpful; they strongly recommended me to continue speaking, “touching people´s hearts”, improving the support of my presentation, and actually taking the audience to the place of the accident. I will consider many of their recommendations. Anyway, I feel the power of my message is myself as a ordinary guy, who has been able to live an ordinary life out of an extraordinary experience. They suggested me I move to Dallas, which I appreciate although I don´t think I will. They also recommended me to hire an Agent, which I might.

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